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Here on the East Coast, it’s freezing, so we’re all spending even more time inside, lighting fires, cooking and getting cozy. It seems like there’s optimism in the air, and for that I’m grateful.

While inside, we’re always looking for that comfy spot in our homes, the spot that becomes “our place”. That being the goal, the tactile coziness of sheepskin, along with its innate chicness helps the cause. We can snuggle up in a warm, stylish chair which feels like getting a big hug from a stylish friend.

Here are two great book recommendations to enjoy while lounging in that chair – one fiction, one non-fiction, both equally engaging.

l-r: Barrett Chair, Angelica Chair, Royce Chair, Layla Chair, Simone Swivel Chair

l-r: Empire of Pain, Malibu Rising

Wendy King Philips
Creative Director/Interlude Home

Photo above by LIVEKINDLY

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