DesignInterview with Dakota Collins

Interview with Dakota Collins

An interview with Dakota Collins, our Intern from Johnson County Community College

Why Interior Design?
I love the idea of making spaces functional and practical for everyone. I am very creative and enjoy organizing as well.
How do you like JCCC?
The Interior Design Program at JCCC has been a great fit for me. I’ve learned so much from my courses. I am now comfortable with every aspect of the design process and have learned 3 different design software programs. I’ve also found the psychology of design to be very interesting. I would recommend checking out JCCC if you are interested in a career in design.
Date of Graduation: May 2022
Career plans post-graduation?
Initially, I’m seeking an opportunity with a builder or designer where I could gain hands-on project experience. Ultimately, I hope to get into commercial design and create on a mass public level.
Design Style?
Currently, I’m into Rococo, ornate, fairy garden style but I truly enjoy and appreciate many different design genres.
Favorite place to visit?
Wells Overlook in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s a tall tower that overlooks the entire town. Maple Street in Boulder, Colorado. On a mountain or anywhere in nature.
Tell us about your experience at DL.
Designer’s Library has exposed me to many of the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks needed in providing services to designers. I’ve also enjoyed learning about upholstery fabrics, pricing, custom furniture, and carpeting. Everyone has been so helpful as to explain how things work. There is no manual to do this job and each department intertwines and follows the same system. The staff works as a team, constantly helping each other. It’s been nice to work in an environment where there is good comradery between both the coworkers and designers.

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